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My 2017 Showreel

Here is my 2017 showreel.
Break down:
1. Ratburger telemovie. Animated CG rat. Production at Lola Post, London
2. Animation tests for a Sci Fi feature film that is yet to be released. (Can’t say too much about this). Production at Jellyfish Pictures, London
3. Teletubbies. Animated the CG baby Teletubbies. Production at Lola Post, London
4. Wolfblood. Animated the wolf. Production at Jellyfish Pictures, London
5. Ratburger. Animated the rat. Production at Lola Post, London


I’ve had the great pleasure of animating wolves for the 5th season of the BBC’s Wolfblood.  Teenage werewolf fun!


All the CG is done at Jellyfish Pictures, London, and it’s looking terrific.

The Wombles of Wimbledon.

I’m now working as a senior character TD on a new CG version of The Wombles. We are using Maya and Modo. It’s fun and the people are lovely. I wish I could post a picture or a clip, but I’m not allowed. It looks pretty schmick. That’s all I can say.

Animating an Amazon pilot.



Amazon is getting into content creation. They have commissioned Jellyfish Pictures to make a pilot for a kids series called Buddy-Tech Detective. Here is a still from the shot I’m working on. It’s pretty cute. You can find it if you have a Zon Prime account. (‘Zon’ izwat the cool people call Amazon…)