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Jellyfish under Pressure.

I’ve just finished a really fun gig making and animating CG Jellyfish and a Tomopteris (a what?) for a new British film called Pressure, directed by Ron Scalpello.

The CG is all being done by Pearl DME under the steady guidance of Will Rockall. A great bunch of guys to work with.

I was called in to model, shade, rig and animate realistic looking jellyfish for several shots. I used Softimage xsi and made the tentacles with Syflex ICE curves.

I also made a tomopteris, which is a many legged deep sea critter that looks like a swimming centipede. Rigging all those legs to be floppy and swimmy was a bit of a nightmare, again using Softimage, but the finished creature looks pretty good.

I’d love to put up some pictures of it, but you’ll have to wait till the film comes out in a couple of months time.




Jim Henson’s Chatter Zoo iPad Game

I’m working on an iPad game for Jim Henson’s Chatter Zoo. Here is the trailer on YouTube.


I’m using 3DS Max for the first time in over ten years! I’m fixing models, rigging them and animating them. The deadline is tight.

Using a different piece of software to do these familiar tasks is a bit like having a sex change: All the buttons are in a different place.

(I haven’t had an actual sex change, so please consult your doctor before acting on this information.)