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Jim Henson’s Chatter Zoo iPad Game

I’m working on an iPad game for Jim Henson’s Chatter Zoo. Here is the trailer on YouTube.


I’m using 3DS Max for the first time in over ten years! I’m fixing models, rigging them and animating them. The deadline is tight.

Using a different piece of software to do these familiar tasks is a bit like having a sex change: All the buttons are in a different place.

(I haven’t had an actual sex change, so please consult your doctor before acting on this information.)

My very first Game

I did two units of object oriented programming at the Open University and really enjoyed it. Armed with that excellent grounding I’ve managed to create my very first iOS game. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but I’m very proud. It’s up on the app store and looking good. It’s called Sea Squirt.

screen shots 004     screen shots 008