Animating an Amazon pilot.



Amazon is getting into content creation. They have commissioned Jellyfish Pictures to make a pilot for a kids series called Buddy-Tech Detective. Here is a still from the shot I’m working on. It’s pretty cute. You can find it if you have a Zon Prime account. (‘Zon’ izwat the cool people call Amazon…)


Here is a character I’ve designed and created. I think she’s very charming. She’s rigged and ready to go. Not sure exactly what I’m going to do with her. But I think I’m going to give her a puppy.


Jellyfish under Pressure.

I’ve just finished a really fun gig making and animating CG Jellyfish and a Tomopteris (a what?) for a new British film called Pressure, directed by Ron Scalpello.

The CG is all being done by Pearl DME under the steady guidance of Will Rockall. A great bunch of guys to work with.

I was called in to model, shade, rig and animate realistic looking jellyfish for several shots. I used Softimage xsi and made the tentacles with Syflex ICE curves.

I also made a tomopteris, which is a many legged deep sea critter that looks like a swimming centipede. Rigging all those legs to be floppy and swimmy was a bit of a nightmare, again using Softimage, but the finished creature looks pretty good.

I’d love to put up some pictures of it, but you’ll have to wait till the film comes out in a couple of months time.